Soda Stream is the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Home Carbonation Systems. What a awesome product it is. I have been very fortunate to review this product.
 I highly recommend it. Not only will this save me money but I will be able to reduce from buying plastic soda bottles. It is a smarter way to enjoy drinking your favorite soda.
When I first received this product my family was so eager to try it out. It was something we had heard about and seen it in the stores.

The Soda Stream starter kit system comes with several different flavors to try. My family loved them all. I am the fluent soda drinker in my home. So this taste test was something I could handle. 🙂
It was very easy to put together. All you have to do is remove the back of the machine screw in the C-o2  tank and your ready to start. Remember there is no plugs, no batteries that are needed.
Makes it safe and easy to do for all ages.

You fill up your bottle to the marked line, I found using spring water gives it such a better taste. After putting in your water to the marked line, screw the bottle back into the machine. Press the button on the top about three times.Unscrew the bottle and pick out for favorite flavor then add it to the water.
Place the cap back on a gentle shake and your done. Very Simple.You can make one liter at a time.
Soda stream is light weight and does not take up room. It is also easy to store.
Since it is easy to store you can bring this with you to work or use while on vacation.
The video below shows you a little bit more about this product. Convenience: So easy to use, requires no batteries or electricity. No heavy bottles or cans to carry from the grocery store.

  • Environmentally-Friendly: Soda Stream is very Eco friendly that minimizes the daily waste of soda bottles or cans.
  •  Flavors: Soda Stream offers over 100 flavors to suit everyone’s taste. Regular Cola, Diet Cola, Ginger-Ale, Fruity Flavors, Ice Tea, Energy Drinks, Sport Drinks and Lemonade.
  • Space Saver: This machine is very easy to store about the size of space a can opener would be.
  • Amazing Value: You will save money compared to pre packaged carbonated water and beverages.
  • Guaranteed: Soda Stream is a high quality machine and includes a money-back satisfaction guarantee.
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