I am so very honored to have done this review on The Teddy Tank. I can’t express to you enough how wonderful and unique the Teddy Tank is. I would love to share the story on my review with you.
The Teddy Tank is a soft n loveable plush animal that surrounds a one gallon fish tank. My children have grown up to play with plush animals. They tend to be soft n cuddly and safer than most toys. Til this day my daughter prefers to “play” with her stuffed animals more so than any other toys. She also uses hers at night for security. The Teddy Tank may be used for not only a fish tank but for a toy, night light, candy bowl, water frog tank and a coin bank. Which makes it an all in one fun and interactive solution.
When I received the Teddy Tank my children were so excited to get it set up and ready.
The Teddy Tank that I received is a premium package that contains, The 18″ Chocolate Brown Bear along with the pink and clear acrylic gravel, a LED nightlight, cheetah & polka dot pink bows, ten  second voice recorder, one gallon plastic bowl, a fish net, a decorative plant and the Original Teddy Tank Bow. You can choose from the Honey Gold Bear, Pearl White Bear, Chocolate Brown Bear, Monkey, Frog, Pig, Elephant, Panda, Giraffe, Penguin, Lion and Dog.

The Teddy Tank is very simple to set up. All you need to do is place the bowl inside of the bear and with two hands pull up the elastic part to the top of the rim of the bowl. You may adjust it to your liking. It is recommended that you fill the bowl  at least 3/4 full of room temperature fresh water and also use tap water conditioner (dechlorinator.)
You would then remove the plastic insert between the batteries of the voice recorder located inside the head and place the LED night light inside the pocket located in the back of your plush animals head.
Once the gravel decorations and fresh water has been put in, you may then place your fish inside the bowl. It’s super easy to maintain and recommends that you never use household chemicals to clean the bowl.
Here is video to also show you how to set up your Teddy Tank.
Once you have set up your Teddy Tank you can now place your Teddy Bows on your bear. You may use on single bow for a bow tie or you may use two bows for on top the head. There is velcro attached to the bows as well as on your bear. 
Please be sure to turn the LED lights off during the day because your fish would love to take a nap.
What is also great about the Teddy Tank is that you can open up the bears mouth and feed your fish.
One of the features that I love about Teddy Tank is you can say a message in the 10 second voice recorder. My children and I have recorded and played back messages to each other by simply pressing on the bears ears. One ear is to record and the other ear is to play back the message. We first used the recorder to welcome home our new betta fish.
I believe that this product will bring responsibility to children while having fun doing so.
This is a unique and wonderful experience and I recommend it for all ages.
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Teddy Tank at no charge for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and were not influenced by any other source.