I just love this time of the year. The children are back in school, the weather is changing and time for all those fall activities. Living in a state that we don’t see the four seasons I admire the ones that do. The season of fall is such a beautiful time to stop and admire those colorful leaves falling. Believe it or not we do have our leaves change in color in the state of Florida but of course it’s not the same as the states up north. Being originated from the north I grew up seeing those amazing colors of reds, yellows and oranges. I grew to appreciate them more since living in the south. My children enjoyed picking the leaves,acorns and pinecones to make those amazing collages. It was a fun activity for them during their elementary years.

Bringing fresh picked apples to their teacher’s was something they enjoyed doing. Specially when they celebrated Johnny Appleseed day at school. It was quite an event. Then of course picking out that best pumpkin at our local pumpkin patch farm. Taking pictures of my children surrounding themselves with those hugh pumpkins. It was another fun and great memory.

There are so many great memories that you can make during the season of fall such as apple & pumpkin picking, state fairs, cooking those “Sunday” dinners, watching those amazing football games  and of course those season premieres on tv.

Decorating my home is always fun for me and my family. My children and I decorate with fall flowers,our scarecrows and pumpkins outside. We even put our decorations on the palm trees. Homemade decorations are more sentimental in value to me than any store bought ones.

Maybe perhaps trying a new recipe in your crock pot, doing some yard work or even taking some time out for your self. What ever you choose to do this fall season be sure that you do what makes you happy.

The season of Autumn is time for all to enjoy, gather and have some fun.

May you all have peace and safety during this wonderful season of fall!