Zipz Shoes are fun, hip and are changing our world. Recently I had the honor to review a pair of youth Pink Argyle style shoes but first I would like to tell you how one simple idea of this company became a reality. It all started when the founder of Zipz Shoes  Jerry Stefani was having a reunion  barbeque with this family. Jerry noticed  during the course of the day how many times the children attending his reunion changed into different clothing and shoes. With that thought in mind, Mr Stefani thought of a way to save parents money and time by introducing a shoe that can be interchangeable by a zipper. Yes his family wondered how could he invent such a product and at first Jerry thought of using velcro, buttons, snaps and fasteners until that one late night when he thought of  the idea to use zippers. Zipz shoes are a shoe with replaceable  interchangeable covers and souls. They have many different designs, styles, colors and sizes to choose from.

Changing your covers of  shoes is like changing your socks to match your sneakers.,they go hand to hand.  I believe to match your style of clothing with just a zipper is brilliant. The thought of saving money to buy additional shoes is over, instead  consumers will just buy additional covers. I picked this style because think it is very fashionable and gives me an excuse to get my daughter a new pink outfit to go with them. The greatest thing is when I am at the store and I see some more cute outfits for her all i need to do is order a matching shoe tops from Zipz Shoes  instead of trying to find new shoes to go with the outfit. The shoes seem to have a comfortable instep and a thick sole. the material seems durable enough that the shoes will last for a while.  But once again when the tops get a bit rough looking and broken in i can just replace the tops or even select a different style.

With Zipz shoes you are able to chose from many different colors and styles. If you like laced shoes short or full, slip ons ,mid level shoes they have them all . Just think about it if your going on vacation and you want some new comfortable shoes and you have a pair of Zipz already just go to their site select a style maybe even two wait for your shipment throw them in your carry on and go.

Pictured above is the pair of youth Pink Argyle that I received to review. These Cali Classic  Zipz shoes are the easiest to put on my daughter’s feet. The two tone pink diamond shaped pattern gives you enough style to give you a compliment when wearing a skirt, shorts and jeans. The shoe it self is not a heavy shoe in my opinion and my daughter easily could walk, run and dance while she is wearing them. She got the biggest kick out of zipping her shoes and was proud to wear them.

Overall I truly believe that Zipz Shoes is a wonderful way to save consumers money on buying additional sneakers or shoes and know that this company will be here to stay.

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