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If the sounds of the spirit of halloween excites you then you gotta check out Golden Records Spooky Halloween hits. Your children will love the music tunes on this CD. This halloween CD will delight children and adults of all ages. This Spooky Halloween hits has 20 fun songs, stories and even some rhyming.

Who’s says halloween has to be scarey? My opinion halloween is a night that we express ourselves through laughter, dressing up in a fun costume and is such a fun holiday for children to trick or treating. As you see, more families are getting together and celebrating this occasion with a halloween party. Golden Records Spooky Halloween hits brings the fun right to your party and the children will be delighted.

You can enjoy songs like:

  • Halloween Macabre
  • The Pumpkin Tells
  • Trick or Treat
  • Witch’s Stew
  • Halloween Dance
  • Halloween Friends
  • The Pumpkin Man and 13 other amazing songs

These songs are upbeat and are sure to grab your child’s attention. The music is catchy and draws you in to listen. I love it!  Playing these songs keeps my children entertained and excited for this soon to be Halloween night! We are planning a halloween party at our home this year and this wonderful halloween hits CD will be played. I am excited to see how the kids will react when they listen. I can surely bet that when they leave the party these wonderful songs will stay with them.

Starting today on October 2nd you may purchase this music Cd and can be purchased for $8.99 on Amazon and iTunes.

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I hope that you enjoyed my review on Golden Records Spooky Halloween Hits and please stay tuned for our upcoming review of A Very Merry Golden Records Christmas.

Happy Halloween to All!