The yester years just got brighter. I am sure that you have seen or purchased a Tonka Dump Truck before but do you know that they are celebrating their 65th anniversary? I know, that is what I thought 65 years is a long time for a toy maker continuing to provide you that same great quality truck from 1947 but they are. During this anniversary Tonka will be re-releasing 12 style truck classics and you will be able to find these trucks at your local retail stores.  Tonka Trucks are wonderful memories from any little boy’s childhood. The thought of your youngster playing all through the years with making those broom sounds and the dirt being dumped from the flatbed of the truck just amazes me. Not to mention these trucks are carried over to other generations of your family. They are built to last. The best part about Tonka truck’s is they are non destructible and come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Your son can be active and this truck would certainly outlast his other toys. Now don’t get me wrong but there is not one thing wrong with your little princess playing with trucks in fact I had one when I was a youngster. Nothing wrong with putting your hard hat on and digging in the dirt.

Tonka Steel T.S. 4000 is a great toy and my son had the privilege to help me out with this review. Being a fan of trucks he thought this was the “coolest”. He enjoyed how realistic it looked and was amazed how the flatbed could go manually up or down. This Tonka Steel Truck is recommended for ages 3 and up and is totally safe for playtime.

What I enjoyed about this Tonka Truck was it brought Imagination back into my sons life with all the electronics and gadgets out there on the market they really do take that imagination away from your child. To hear him play with his truck and use props while doing so made me happy to watch him and it also showed me how priceless a Tonka Steel T.S.4000 can be.  It’s a family timeless treasure for years to come!

This would be a wonderful opportunity for you to reach out with your own Tonka Truck Pictures. For a limited time you can enter Tonka’s “show us your steel” facebook photo contest. You may visit Tonka on their facebook page for more details.

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