This has to be one of the best inventions that I ever seen.

Meet Shutter Huggers!

So you ask what is it? Shutter Huggers are cute stuffed animals or characters that you place over your camera lens (shutter) and it’s not just to get your child’s attention but it’s also a fashion accessory for your camera. You don’t know how many times that I’ve said to my own children while I am trying to take a picture “Look at Mommy”, “Look at the Camera” or making some funny noises to get my children’s attention. They always seem to be faced forward but their eyes are fixated on something else. Well this Shutter Huggers will resolve that issue. These fun animals and characters will attract your children’s attention to look at the camera without you repeatably asking to do so. As a mom of four children, I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve taking pictures of them together and got only one looking at the camera. Not only will this keep them focused on the shutter huggers but the end results will be proven that you will take a picture that you exactly wanted.

Shutter Huggers come in different characters such as Dinosaurs, elf’s, dog, monkey, panda, giraffe and a elephant. They now make these for smaller cameras and as well as the original sizes.

These would work with pretty much any household camera and not to mention if you are a professional photographer these would surely get your consumers attention in your studio.

How cute is this Elf Shutter Huggers that I got to review. This will be perfect for your upcoming holiday season. The elf is super soft, the colors were bright and was extremely easy to attach to my camera. The elastic band inside of the shutter makes it easy to adjust to your liking.

Based on the picture below Mickey Mouse surely approves of our Elf Shutter Huggers!

You can visit Shutter Huggers on their website, Follow them on facebook and twitter.

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