When I had the opportunity to review another product from Toilet Tree products I was thrilled. Their products are user friendly and most of all reasonable priced. You can view my last review of Deluxe LED Fog-less Shower Mirror <Here>.

If you haven’t heard about Toilet Tree Products before then let me introduce you to their bathroom and hygiene essential products. They have products from shower mirrors, skin care systems and a wonderful grooming line to name a few. They are a great company and always thinking of their consumers needs.

So you ask how does it work. Well this rechargeable oral irrigator takes about eight hours to charge initially before use. Once fully recharged you will see the power this has right away. I was surprised how much it actually had. The next step is to add the water to the reservoir, make sure you add the right amount warm water and then select your nozzle. This professional oral irrigator comes with two nozzles which makes it easy for two people to use. The nozzle rotates 360 degrees so you can easily move it around to your liking.

The Oral Irrigator has three operating modes which are:

  • Normal
  • Soft
  • Pulse

When I tested this out I tried all three modes and I thought normal worked best for me. This works great for someone that doesn’t floss often enough. You are able to remove the food between your teeth that you usually can’t with a string floss. It will also reduce the bacteria build up around your gum line. This would work great for someone that has braces, implants, crowns or bridges.

Over all I loved it and so didn’t my husband. We thought our teeth has never felt so clean and refreshed. You may purchase this product from Amazon for $39.95. It’s such a great deal for what you are getting in return. A perfect happy smile!

You may visit Toilet Tree on their website, facebook, twitter, you tube and LinkedIn.