How cute are these? These Kimmidolls Juniors will sure lighten up your little girls smile. So you ask what is a Kimmidoll? These adorable small resin dolls comes with a passport and a sticker that tells you all about your character and her traits. Speaking of characters, Kimmidoll Junior has a collection of 40 charming character dolls. Being such a unique doll, each Kimmidoll junior shares an uplifting children friendly message that is easy to understand and that memory can last a lifetime.

They are colorful, fun and they even have some weight to them. They would make a perfect gift for a birthday and holidays. They are recommended for ages 3 and up.

I reviewed “Bonnie” she is about 45 x 85mm in size and is the cutest little thing. Her charming little pink bunny in her jet black hair with the matching pink bunny and carrots on her kimono. It’s so unique and special my daughter adores it. She is priced at $17.99

The Kimmidoll key chain that I received to review is “Jemma”. Her sweet green hair with a pretty pink and red rose in it. She is about 23 x 105mm in size. You can pick her up for $7.99. There are additional 39 other key chains to choose from.

Kimmidolls even have other fashion accessories such as stationary, pencil cases, back packs and hair accessories to name a few.

You may visit Kimmidoll’s on their website and if you like to purchase Kimmidolls for your own then you may do so by visiting Amazon.

All Kimmidoll products are under $20 that is a such a great deal.