Educational Toys Planet is a wonderful source for your child’s educational needs. You can find solutions to help your child in all subjects from Math, Science, English they have toys to help with counting, spelling, crafts, puzzles, games and outside play to name a few. Educational Toys Planet offers products for children ages 0- 10 years and older. Starting your child off with the best tools for a better education and a brighter future is wonderful.

What I enjoyed learning about Educational Toys Planet is that they have more toys for a hands on approach. All children learn differently and some learn more if the subject is touchable or hands on.

Back in 2002 when Educational Toys Planet was established their logic was to provide a source to parents and teachers that would bring happiness to the children while learning . Helping children use their own ability to observe or create their objective while having fun doing so.

I am privileged to share with you my review on Count it Match and Learn. My daughter who is three years old and is learning how to count thought she was a “big girl” when she got to help me out with this review. Her exact words were “Mommy I can count”. She was able to count each fruit and then match the puzzle piece up with the correct number. So basically she was learning two different ways to learn her math. As a parent, I think this is a great way to show your children how counting and matching can be fun. These puzzles pieces are colorful and easy for them to hold. This learning tool comes with 30 puzzle pairs and numbers up to 20. The Count it Match and Learn is perfect for a child whom is three years old or older. This game would make a wonderful gift for a child entering pre school, Kindergarten or even to play at home.

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