What! Color Changing clothing and accessories. Oh yes, how fun! Del Sol is a remarkable company that can make it happen and all you need is sunshine. Del Sol became establish back in 1994 and now has expanded to 100 stores world wide in 23 countries. They are the top of the line in color changing clothing. In fact you might of seen this label on cruise line ships such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian and Disney to name a few. Their products are up lifting, fun and eye catchy. The fashion line consist of T-shirts, Swimwear Jackets, Necklaces, Sandals, Sun Glasses, Tote Bags and many other varies products.

This oversized stylish Heraldic T-shirt comes in sizes from small to 2xl. The material is soft and the colors are black, grey and white without the sun. Wearing this shirt in the sun will take the grey and turn it into a slate blue color. What is great about these shirts is that no batteries are needed. The shirt will automatically change colors in the sun. It’s modern and flashy it would surely get you some attention. It is recommended to wash this shirt in cold water with like colors and to tumble dry only. These would make a perfect gift for someone who is going on vacation, their birthday or even a holiday present.

The Wrapped Hemp necklace is gorgeous! This is also a color changing necklace and as you can see from the picture above it can make quite a statement. It has a beautiful Island style to it. The white beads change from white to a beautiful color blue. The necklace is about 18 inches in length and has a barrel metal clasp.

What is also great to know is Del Sol guarantees that all their products to change colors in the sun through your normal use. Awesome!

So if your looking for a unique gift be sure to check out Del Sol!

If you would like to learn more about Del Sol and the products that they carry you may visit them on their website, facebook, twitter, pinterest, you tube and google +.