It all starts with BeginAgain! This amazing company is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. BeginAgain is mindful of their product designs and they keep your child’s imagination going. They focus on encouraging your children to be adventurous, use their creativeness and have a great time doing so.

BeginAgain believes in creating toys that require no batteries needed which as a mom I love to hear that. Their products are featured with plant based materials such as natural rubber, natural cotton fabrics, harvested woods, wheat starch plastics and bamboo.

BeginAgain is thoughtful and generous with giving back 1% to their community.

BeginAgain is not just your ordinary toy company. They take pride in offering their consumers top of the line user friendly toys. Their “workshop” is divided into “a wish” collection that includes Artist, Writer, Inventor, Sportster, Hero and beginner.

If you are looking for getting your children up, outside and getting some exercise then the Kickin’ Putt is what you need. Time for some ole fashion playtime is what I thought when I was exciting to hear that I had the privilege to review this product. I remember as a child how much that I loved playing catch with my ball or specially kick ball that was my favorite. With the Kickin’ Putt I get to relive my favorite past time and share this fun with my family.

My family and I went to the park and decided that it was a perfect place to try this out. The Kickin’ Putt comes with 2 balls (one blue striped and one red)  and a flying scoring disc. This can easily be shared with two children since it includes 2 balls there are many ways to use the Kickin’ Putt such as kick ball, soccer or perhaps an old fashion game of catch.

It really was tons of fun for us all and not to mention we all got some much needed exercise. What I really liked about the Kickin’ Putt was the balls are made from rubber so they bounced easily and I had no worries about a hard plastic ball breaking something or someone getting hurt. I also loved seeing that the flying scoring was made right here in the USA.

So if you looking for some fun family time be sure to check out Kickin’ Putt on BeginAgain’s website. You may also follow them on facebook.

BeginAgain is a sponsor in our Holiday Gift Guide this year and you will get a chance to win a Kickin’ Putt of your own.