You mix K’Nex with Mario Kart from the Nintendo Wii you get one crazy, fun, non stop action toy. I was thrilled to find out that I would be reviewing the Mario Kart Ice Race Building set. If you have children, then I am sure you have heard of Mario Kart the video game by Nintendo. Mario and his “buds” race around different selected tracks for a non stop action video game. My children have been fans of Nintendo’s Mario Kart games for many years.

K’Nex has brought the life of Mario and his playmate “Bowser” to this ice race building set. Nothing gets children involved more than playing with a race track. As a mother of three boys, building and racing seem to be always on their minds. The thrill of becoming stimulated on building things from the bottom up brings determination and skills for all children.

This race track comes with 182 parts including two standard karts with unbelievable fast battery powered motors, two detachable obstacles, penguins and shy guy snowboarders. You will also receive two collectible items (star & blooper)  from the game. Mario Kart ice race building set also includes an inter-connectable track that will make a closed loop. What is great about this set is you can combine this ice race building set with other series sets from the Mario Kart collection to build a bigger and longer track.

My son had a blast building this set with my husband. He was so excited to race his favorite character “Mario”. He sat there for hours just using his imagination and changing the tracks around. I could hear the laughter and excitement in his voice. My husband and son had a great time racing each other. In fact my husband asked if “Santa” would bring him one.

If your looking for a fun and new toy for this holiday season please check out K’Nex on their website where you find the Mario Kart (ice race building set) and many more collections. This toy is recommended for ages 6 and up. It retails for $65.99

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