I truly know now why Reverse Charades has won so many awards. This game is non stop laughter. Reverse Charades is available in different series such as the Original, Junior, French and Dutch editions. They even now offer expansion packs and there is also a app for apple and droid phones. This game has been featured on NBC’s Today Show and Radio Disney.

Reverse Charades is a super fun way to get your family together for some good ole  laughter.  With Reverse Charades, your team has about 60 seconds to act out words. It’s a fast paced game, so be prepared to laugh your butt off. These series of games will bring team building with your family, friends and great for any party.

As a mom of four, life can get hectic and time flies by us so quickly. I was extremely happy that I had the chance to review Reverse Charades Junior Edition. This was a perfect way to get the kids, my husband and I together for some family fun.

The Junior Edition is perfect for my family according to my children’s ages. Last night we played this and I never laughed so hard. Playing a game of charades is a typical fun game. When you mix it up with children it becomes so much funnier.

My son who is six pretty much stole the show. His expressions, gestures and actions were so funny. He had us all cracking up in laughter. We truly needed this for our family. Now no matter what, family game night is a must. You can find Reverse Charades games in retail stores such as Hallmark, Barnes & Noble, Bam Books a million and Learning Express.

You can also visit Reverse Charades on their website to purchase your series today.

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