With the celebration of Hedstrom’s 100 year anniversary coming in 2013, I am certainly blown away and excited for this amazing company. 100 years is such a remarkable milestone for them.

Established in 1913 as Eagle Rubber in Ashland, Ohio. Since then Hedstrom has produced such a wide variety of products aiming and focusing more on children ages 2 and up. As of today they have 99 years experience in manufacturing and sales of their toys. How many toy manufacturing companies can actually say that? Hedstrom’s mission is to get all children up and active I believe that they have done so with their products such as the ball pits, sports balls, tunnels, hoppers, inflatables, seasonal products and spring horses.

Meet Lightning, the Original Wonder Horse. This “brut” of a classic brings fun and so much fun to the children. When I heard that I was given a chance to review “lightning” I was so thrilled for my daughter who is 3. Back when I was a child, I had a something similar to the Wonder Horse but it surely didn’t compare to this. I had so much fun riding it and pretending that I was a cowgirl. This brings so many wonderful memories and I am honored to share this review with you.

The Original 42″ Lightning Wonder Horse has a realistic tail for braiding, it is hand decorated, you can adjust and re position the stirrups according to each rider. The hand grips are easy to hold on to.

What I liked was how the spring covers were full length. We sure don’t want any ouchies. The frame of the Wonder Horse is built well and is stable to withhold your child. The recommended age is 2-6 years old and the maximum weight is 60lbs.

It took my husband about 40 minutes to assemble and the directions were easy to read.

Since having the Wonder Horse my daughter seems to be more active with bouncing on it. At times I need to tell her that “Lightning” needs to rest for the next day. She is using more of her imagination just like I did when I was a child. I will cherish this moment with the hopes that she will when she is older. The Wonder Horse would be perfect to give as a gift for birthdays and holidays.

You may visit Hedstrom on their website to purchase “Lightning” and to view their other great toys.

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