Ek Success Brands is a remarkable consumer products company that focuses on brands you know and love. Their craft products are for scrapbooking, paper crafting, jewelry making, kids crafts, seasonal crafts and needle crafts. You can choose from brand names such as American Girl Crafts, Disney, Martha Stewart, Paint Works, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, and the U.S. Military to name a few. They have over 10,000 user friendly products for any craftsman. Using your creative skills and tools to make each project personable and truly yours.

Recently I had the chance to review a few brand products of Ek Success such as American Girl and Martha Stewart Crafts.

American Girl Crafts Rub on Art Piggy Bank comes with 2 Piggy Banks. One mini size bank that is for your doll and a large size for your child. It’s a personalized ceramic bank that comes with 10 sheets of rub on stickers and 30 gems. I found that cutting out the stickers individually or even in a smaller group would be ideal when placing them onto the bank. You simply place your sticker on the Piggy Bank and rub firmly. The stickers seem to be made with great quality and are easy to put on. This would make a great gift or craft for any child ages 8 and up.

Martha Stewart Crafts Glittered Snowflake Mirror Clings comes with 12 premium quality assorted size pieces. These wintery fun accents can be placed on mirrors, windows or any glass objects. What I really loved about these mirror clings was they are removable, you can adjust them multiple times without them loosing their shape or form. There is no adhesive needed and these could be used every year.


Martha Stewart Crafts Snow Lace Treat Box Kit comes with Six 3in x 3in boxes, tissue paper, self adhesive labels and ribbon. I thought that the snow flake design was perfect for any gift giver. These boxes can be used for your homemade goodies as a token of appreciation for a neighbor, friend and teacher. I believe that giving a home baked goody is such a wonderful way to show your appreciation during the holiday season.


Martha Stewart Crafts Ornate Deer Stocking is a green felt stocking that comes with pre sorted cotton thread, needle, die cut felt polyester felt and acrylic/polyester felt pieces. I must say coming from some one who doesn’t knit or sews this was a little challenging for me. It took me about an hour or so to get it all together. The directions were understandable and were easy to read. The finished size was about 19″ long. Once the stocking is finished this would be a ideal gift for a yankee swap gift at work or school. There is enough space inside the stocking to place candy or perhaps a gift.

These amazing crafts are available on Ek Success website and you can find these selections at retail stores such as Michael’s. I think that having a special craft to give during the holiday season makes your home cheerful and brings so much happiness.

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