Wowzer! How fun is this! Zing Air Storm brings you this new and exciting Z-Tek Cross bow . I am thrilled to share this review with you but first I would love to tell you all about Zing and their products.

Zing brings consumers quality toys for high action play. Their mission is to bring and promote a healthy, more active lifestyle to children by getting your kids off the couch, turning off their video game systems while keeping safety a top priority in all their toys. Zing Toys brings you award winning brands such as Air Storm, Zing Air, Zing Novelty, Air Hunterz, OzWest, Zing Blast Off and Ickeez Stikeez. You can choose from dart blasters, cross bows, boomerangs, sticky creatures to name only a few.

Z-Tek Crossbow comes with three zartz arrows that are included and a mega target. The crossbow offers two different fire ranges (short range and power shot). When you are shooting in short range you can easily reach the range of 30 feet. All you need to do is attach the zartz arrow to the hooks, pull it back, then attach the arrow to the back of the crossbow. You must unlock the safety trigger first then aim and fire. In the power shot mode you will be able to shoot your foam dart up to 45 feet. I believe as a mother of boys that having this safety trigger is a wonderful idea. This will give you some reinsurance of safety, as well it prevents you from any accidentally firing. Once you fire the arrows they will stick to surfaces for up to 30 seconds then release.

My 6 year old son had such a great time playing and helping me with this review. I observed him while he was testing this out.  My son without difficulties knew exactly what to do. In fact when it was my turn to try it out he said “mom make sure that you press the safety button when your ready to shoot”.  Zing does recommend that the Z-Tek Crossbow be used by children ages 8 and up.  I like the fact that there is two different ways to play, no batteries needed,  the safety feature, and the product is user friendly. This would make a perfect gift for your child during this holiday season and as well for birthdays.

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