When I found out that I would have the honor to review Heartthrob Henry I was so excited in fact I was tickled! I must say these characters from Cuddle Barn are the cutest, loveable toy that I ever saw. Cuddle Barn is a leading designer of animated plush characters located in Commerce, California. They are committed to provide their consumers top quality products with entertaining sounds. There mission is to simply put a smile on everyone’s faces and they surely have done so with me.

Cuddle Barn’s plush characters will sing, dance and smile. There are so many different choices that you can choose from. They have a christmas category that features 14 singing or dancing characters. You will also find categories in Zoocational, Fun in the sun, Romance, Cute & Sweet, Get well , New baby and so many wonderful others.

Meet Heartthrob Henry! This special guy is located in the Cute and Sweet Category. Henry is a 12″ sweet brown colored plush bear that holds a microphone and by pressing his foot he sways (dancing) while singing “What makes you beautiful” from the world known music recording artists One Direction. Henry is dressed with a blue hood sweatshirt, a floppy brown hat and yes batteries are included. He retails for $24.99.

Come take a look at the video you will be in love!

I know right! Henry fits in with that “Heartthrob” name. He is just so cute and you will find yourself singing along with him. The group “One Direction” is a popular young mens singing group and I am sure if you have teenage daughters you know all about them. Heartthrob Henry would make any “fan” go crazy over him. I found Henry very entertaining and enjoyed my children singing and dancing along with him.

You can find Heartthrob Henry and other characters by visiting Cuddle Barn on their website. Please feel free to follow them on facebook and youtube.