Have you heard of Stadler Form? I am sure that you might have but for those who haven’t I happy to share this review with you.

Stadler Form is a wonderful company that stands out from other brands. Their modern designs, eye catching household appliances will match with your home decor and appliances. Founded in 1988 Stadler Form takes pride with their Swiss Style Designs to give consumers that attractive look on their innovative products such as Air Purifiers, Aroma Diffusers, Fans, Heaters and Humidifiers. When Stadler Form designs their products they have consumers in mind making them user friendly, easy to maintain and decorative.

It’s that time of the year where we spend more time indoors. As consumers we tend to raise the temperature in our homes because of the cold air outside. When we do the inside of our homes feel more “dry” and harder to breath. That is when we look for a product to keep our home filled with moisture. What a better way to do so then a Stadler Form William Ultrasonic Humidifier.

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As you can see from the picture about this William Ultrasonic Humidifier by Stadler Form is stylish, modern and powerful for it’s size. For the compact size of 9.1’’W x 12.2’’H x 6.3’’D this William Ultrasonic can give you all the power you need. It’s covers rooms up to 1,000 feet and to me that’s a bonus because most humidifier are lucky if they even reach 500 feet of living space. I admired how quiet it was which at times I didn’t even know it was on. Some of the features on the panel are an off timer which I love because there is no more worrying about turning it off now I can let the timer do it for me. The pre-heating, Sleep Mode which works wonders for moms with little ones that are not feeling well and a turnable mist diffuser with fine mist selection. I need to tell you as a mom of four children having a humidifier in your home in one of best things to have specially when your children are sick, have a stuffy nose and just is not feeling his or her best. It can be easily be transported from a large room to a smaller room so each family member could feel the relief.

The tank capacity holds 1.5 gallons of water. They suggest that you do not use tap water that comes from a water softener. Distilled water works great as well. I really love how the display is digital and easy to read. Their website gives you some great advice on air quality, dry air and dry air with your body. Some interesting facts that I did not know.


William Ultrasonic Humidifier retails for $229.99 on their website. Right now you can get 20% off when using promo code Stadler20 at checkout. They even offer Free Shipping for purchases of $50 or more. Making this investment will bring health and happiness to your family for years to come.

Coming in January Stadler William Ultrasonic Humidifier will be feature in our New Year New Baby Giveaway Event starting on January 21st.

You can view this William Ultrasonic Humidifier and their other great products by visiting their website.


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