Media Kit

About Me

I’m a stay at home mom, I’ve been married to my Best friend for over 10 years. We have 4 Children, ages 16 and 16 (yes Twin sons), a son who is 6 and my little diva daughter who is 3. So yes, I am a busy mom.  We have 1 dog (beagle) named Chloe and a cat named Zoey. They are both very spoiled. So spending time with my family and traveling is something we enjoy doing.We are also involved in our church with volunteering and gatherings. My blog is new and growing every day. I’m learning a lot about blogging and myself as I go through this journey. 🙂

I am affiliated with Walt Disney Motion Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Pixar Films and Marvel Pictures and Target (dot) com. Most recently I was awarded editors choice from the Be @ Home website. I would also like to included that I have worked with following companies and/or brands.

  • Aroma Houseware Company
  • Perplexus LLC Toy Company
  • Zing Toys
  • Soda Stream Direct LLC
  • Big Time Toys
  • Ozeri Brand Products
  • Learning Resource Company
  • Teddy Tank LLC
  • Zoobies
  • Costume Express
  • Man Groomer
  • Tree Hut
  • Toilet Tree
  • Golden Records
  • Newmans Own Organics
  • OOFOS Footwear
  • Nostalgia Products Group and many more

About The Blog

Bonkers4coupons is a family friendly blog that does reviews on products, hosts giveaways and gives you updated information on the latest deals and coupons. All reviews are my 100% true and my honest opinion. I am interested in reviewing Electronics, Movies, Food Products, Kitchen Appliances, Children’s books/Toys, Beauty products, Adult/Children’s clothing, Accessories, and anything I feel would be of good use to my readers. I do not advertise nor review any adult content or pornography. If you feel that your product would be a good fit for my readers please review the guidelines below and contact me using my direct email at

Thank you, for your consideration.

Product Reviews

  1. Review is free of charge in exchange for a full size product. Please no samples.
  2. Product must be shipped by sponsor and will not be returned
  3. Please allow at least two weeks after receipt of product for review to be posted. This is negotiable depending on the product.
  4. Links to website and social media will be included within each review post.


  1. Giveaway will be put together by me and chosen by Rafflecopter.
  2. Sponsor will be responsible for shipping to the winner and all fees associated with the prize.
  3. Giveaway will run anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the prize and agreement between the sponsor and I.
  4. Links to website and social media will be included in giveaway.
  5. Giveaway will also be promoted on my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter.

Stats as of 09/21/2012

Alexa Global Rank:141,986 Blogger

US Rank: less than:14,632

Facebook Fans:10,638+


Klout: 56

Page Rank: 2

Total of over 14,000 readers through out my social media websites:

LinkedIn, Google +, Network Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Over 2,400 email followers


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